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Residential Property

We have designed dozens of luxury homes and residential apartment blocks all over Sydney and the Central Coast. Many of the homes and apartment complexes have incorporated In unique architectural design which has stretched the boundaries of Structural Engineering. Our input in many of these homes has left clients with interesting and unqiue hoimes. 


Commercial Property

Our work in this field allows for even the most difficult architectural designs to be achieved and satisfy the clients ever demanding criteria.


Recreation and Leisure  

Do you know how it feels to have lunch with twentyone other people 60 metres above Randwick Race Course. We do since we certify lifts to have 22 people being served wine and lunch up there.  



Our efficient design of large span portal frame structures has ensured client achieve cost effectve solutions to their warehousing needs.  


Demolition of Building and Bridges

Our reputation in this field is unsurpassed. Our clients involve us in their projects knowing full well that our solutions aid them in achieving cutting edge and safe outcomes in these difficult projects. This field of Structural Engineering requires lateral thinking in reverse Engineering to safely dismantle a structure in an efficient time frame as well as insuring that safety and stability of the structure is maintained at all times.

We have been invloved in the Demolition of many high rise City office buildings such as The State Office block (36 storeys) and Premiers' Wing (9 storeys) including the Goodsell building (23 storeys), 60 Martin Place, Sydney (32 storeys) 2-8 Bligh Street, Sydney 5 building ranging from 8 to 22 storeys and numerous other high rise buildings in the CBD as well as the Tourle Street bridge (7x 50 metre span steel truss bridge) over the Hunter River in Newcastle 




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